About Us

From data transfer, electronic-mails and cyberspace domains to mobile internet, smartphones, GPS navigation and e-banking; from social media and MOOCs to virtual currencies and wearable tech and eventually the internet of things – where technology becomes a part of our human ecosystem and we are surrounded by enabling technologies, interconnected to each other by the internet. We have begun our journey towards transhumanism in a posthuman society!

One of the key things that distinctly defines modern human civilization is the fact that we can pass on knowledge and build upon existing knowledge. We do not have to reinvent the wheel each time we set out to do something. We take the existing ecosystem as a given state and build new things to further change our surroundings! The pace of development is growing exponentially because information is available more easily and openly. Very soon the gap between human beings and the technology that surrounds us will get narrower and narrower – reaching what is termed as “Singularity” when some also believe that the technology we create may outsmart us!

As technology seamlessly integrates in our lives, we are being (in a very broad sense) polarized into two sections. One, the creators and visionaries who are leading from the front, bringing about new revolutions every day and radically changing human civilization with every step. Two, the average people who use the internet and are affected by technology at every front in life but are unaware of the workings of these inventions and almost ignorant of the people behind this “collective revolution”.

With all the clutter on the internet and the fast pace of things, we thought, why can’t technology be for everyone? Why not have a space for – literally – “All that is good on the Internet”? And the idea of OK, Intrnt was born. At OK, Intrnt, we strive to bring to you, stories of people who are doing amazing things with technology and the Internet and show you the faces behind the things we see and use every day!

We want this to be a meeting place of the four- the change-maker, the entrepreneur, the aspiring entrepreneur or change-maker and the average internet user who uses technology to do other great things in their life!

OK, Intrnt is an opportunity for the average internet user to know the people behind inspiring projects and ideas, a platform for the indie-developer/entrepreneur to get recognized & to reach out to their audiences, a means for aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders to be inspired by their pioneer role-models and a platform for change-makers to share their opinions, thoughts and ideas to inspire their followers.

We hope to bring to you amazing stories each time and help you reach out to the community that is building your world.

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