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As has been discussed around the world in the world of startups, it is getting the first bunch of loyal users that’s the toughest part of building a successful product or service besides actually building a good offering. After all, there is a sea of startups and a million things to try out – you cannot expect a user to just get hooked to your product.

This week on OK, Intnrt we speak to Sarthak Moghe, founder of Get Worm. Get Worm is a meeting place for startups and early adopters, where the startups reward their users for signing up early.

Please tell us about your story, Sarthak.

We started facing this issue with the first startup that we began working on – Clustrr. We had been working on it for about seven months, after which we went to the market. But when you are starting up, there isn’t a market for you. You’re trying to meet new people, trying to get early adopters and everyone says ‘Why do I need it? I’ll come in when there are more users’. This is almost always the case. What we learned from all these mistakes, or events, is that every startup needs to get their voice out and reach out to as many people as possible.

We were obviously aware of BetaList, Product Hunt and everything but what we did miss was this connection with the user. It’s one thing for me to tell you how cool my startup is and it’s another thing to tell you “If you join me today, I might do something special for you”. It was this “making you feel more exclusive” concept that led to the initial idea.

We began thinking – ‘Early bird gets the worm’. Early Bird was taken and fortunately “Get Worm” was available. And that’s how we started!


How has the journey been so far?

There is the sentiment from startups to love their users back, we got some good initial feedback and we’ve been going okay for the last couple of months. We started in February – we started with just the launch page. On the 6th of July, we launched fully. It hasn’t been too long, to be honest.

We featured RocketClub recently. It works on a similar principle.

Yes, I happened to read the interview and I saw Eric’s interview. I thought what a coincidence. He’s already on Get Worm – he joined somewhere in our early days, when we had just launched. It’s interesting, it’s a small world. I think RocketClub is a great idea too.

How does Get Worm really work?

The idea is essentially to provide a platform where early adopters can discover new startups, join early and get rewarded for early engagement. From an early user’s perspective, we want to make sure that we only show you the kind of startups you’re interested in. Say you are interested in Technology and Sports but say you’re not into music – we would not dump on you newsletters or notifications about music. From a startup’s point of view, we provide them with analytics, which probably no one else does. We provide in-depths analytics in terms of how people are engaging, how many unique visitors you have, how many users actually got a worm, subscribing to their lists etc. We’re trying to help both sides as much as we can.

How many startups have already registered and how many users do you have?

We have some 300+ startups that have registered. I think we have about 1000+ users at the moment.

What are the kind of worms do the startups offer?

It ranges from things like free stickers to 100% free access forever. Some startups have offered 90% discounts to their readership. There is an app that offers free content forever. One website offered algorithm based wallpapers – they had 25 worms and they were gone in a couple of days. It varies a lot.

What’s in store next?

We’re thinking about mobile apps and a notification system. We’re working on a few startups to see how we can make it more frictionless. There will be some social elements, in terms of sharing and following. Users would be able to provide direct feedback to startups through comments.

It must be interesting to get in touch with so many startups as part of your job. We love it, doing it for OK, Intrnt.

Yes, definitely. I believe startups can definitely help out other startups. I have skype calls with entrepreneurs all the time and it’s always a great experience. There’s so much of like-mindedness out there.

As part of OK, Intrnt’s efforts to connect people, we asked Sarthak if he would like to speak to some of our readers directly and he happily agreed! Write to us and we will get back to you and tell you how you can reach him!

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