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People’s moral obligation towards the society often leads them to donating to causes through money or in kind. But sometimes, you may not have these resources at your disposal. Does that mean you can’t contribute to causes you care about? No, says GiveToView. All you need is a talent, a couple of minutes and you are ready to go. Give to View is an online platform where you can raise money by doing anything you like. Make a video of yourself doing something creative and fun, upload it, and get your friends and family to watch it in return for a donation to a charity of your choice! The amount can be as little as one pound or can be left to the will of the donor. We spoke to Damian Simor and found out more about this novel idea.

Give to View seems like quite a unique way of raising funds. How did the idea of using videos strike you?

The objective was to make raising funds easy and instant. Not everyone can put in the physical effort often involved in fundraising. This opens up fundraising to people who cannot put in this kind of effort, but can use their creativity instead. We were also interested in getting in the celebrity angle and getting famous people to make fundraising videos. It does help when a celebrity like an actor or a singer supports a cause you care about.

Is it only designed around the celebrity angle then?

No. It is an important part of the future but it’s not the core of all we do. Give to View is basically for anyone who has a talent, likes being in front of the camera, and is interested in fundraising. It’s for people who want to do something quickly and spontaneously. You can make a video in a couple of minutes and start raising money. I even see schools using this in a big way in the future.

The videos are currently not public to everyone. So is word of mouth the only way of marketing your site?

In a way, yes. When you get a video link, you share it with people you know. We would like to have a page where we put some of the best videos up but we don’t have that yet, due to financial restrictions more than anything else. We built a site instead because that was simple. But one day, we hope to have the page with some selected videos as well.

We are talking about using your talent to raise funds. What is the average skill level required to make these videos?

Let me give you an example. I raised 200 pounds for a charity and I did it by eating a really hot chilli pepper! In other words, the skill required is practically nothing. Anybody can do it!

Have you considered making the videos accessible to all, considering people with unique talents would want the world to see them? It could also lead to more funds being raised!

That’s correct. But there is not really a limitation on watching the videos. It’s just that they have to be shared. When a video is created, there is an option for the charities to share it, if the creators give them the required information, and of course, people can share it once they have watched it. I suppose it’s like any YouTube video where the link has to start somewhere before becoming viral. We never really imagine that people would actually come to the site to browse content, and I think most video content does not spread that way anyway. It instead goes out through social platforms. In that respect we don’t think we are that different from YouTube as what people generally do is receive these video clips on Facebook walls or on their Twitter feeds or even in their emails.

What kind of campaigns work best? And what leads to the success of a campaign?

It helps when the charity gives some guidance and briefs the fundraisers about what they are doing. Many successful videos have been created by people doing adventurous things like skydiving. There are also the cooking videos which do well because not only do people contribute but also learn how to do something at the same time.

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What kind of money have you raised till now?

Around 50,000 pounds I would say. It might not be as much as the other platforms but we have just begun our journey and are on our way.

What more do you think the idea needs to get more visibility?

It would be nice if we could get some famous people to use it. They haven’t yet, and I only think it’s because they don’t know about Give to View yet. But I’d like to pull that off one day.

Have you explored the possibility of people trying to raise funds for themselves or for causes that are not listed on your platform?

At the moment, fundraising is only for the registered charities. But I wouldn’t rule out doing a commercial version of the same thing, but that will have to be on a different site. Right now, we only have registered charities because PayPal, which is our payment system, gives us preferential rates simply because we donate to these charities. Of course, there is scope for content creators to monetize their content on a more open platform, but for now, we are sticking to the current model.

Do you have any word of advice for people wanting to raise funds through your site?

Put energy into it! Make sure your introduction makes the viewers want to watch beyond that point. It’s important to make people want to see what happens next. The idea is to sell the content in the first bit, say why you are doing it, why it’s important to donate to the cause, and then to deliver the content. Keep it enticing, like a good movie trailer! The point is to grab the viewer’s attention and you’d have worked towards a great cause just by doing that!

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